Mark Levy Auto Broker, Columbus, GA

Mark Levy, Auto Broker, started in the automobile business in 1967 working with his older brother Charles. In 1975 Mark opened his own business on Midtown Drive in Columbus Georgia, called Mark Levy Auto Center. “It was quite clear to me that if I sold a good product and stood behind it people would do business with me again and that was my goal.” In 1985 Mark moved his business to Manchester Expressway and remained there for 20 years. “It was great to have thousands of cars ride by my business every day. I could display my entire inventory and that made it quite easy for me because I had the nicest cars in the city and now they could be seen. It was not long after I opened my auto broker business that I realized no matter how many cars I kept, I could not have everything my customers were looking for, so I began finding my customers exactly what they wanted, at the price they wanted. This has grown into a auto broker business that I enjoy. I found out that I could save people money and satisfy them with the car of their choice. It presents a real challenge to be able to find them the car of their dreams and I love a challenge.”

Mark was born in Columbus and still resides there with his wife, Devon. Together they have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. Mark’s family came to Columbus in the early 1900s. Many of them stayed in Columbus and have businesses in the area. Mark’s grandfather, Sam Cohn, sold livestock in Muscogee County all his life. Marks uncle Judge Aaron Cohn is still the Juvenile Judge in Muscogee County. Family means a lot to Mark, as well as his career as auto broker.

Mark's hobbies outside of being an auto broker are tennis, softball and just about anything he can hit or throw. “Sports have always been something that I have loved. All my kids were raised playing something, even my daughter was a good softball player. I have met some of the nicest people I know in competition.”

People find Mark easy to do business with as an Auto Broker because they know his desire is to please them and he thrives on their trust in him. Mark maintains current knowledge of the automobile market, as he regularly attends dealer auto auctions. “Customers tell me what they want and I go find it. If they are not certain, we discuss the pros and cons of different cars or trucks until everyone is comfortable with their choice. Because of my vast experience as an auto broker, I have many ways to locate the car that they choose. I might look at a thousand cars before the right one shows up”

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