Order a used car

I will take the risk
out of the purchase

Sell your car!

I can buy it or
help you sell it.


Free car appraisal
(auto broker)

Save Thousands $

  • As an Auto Broker, I can find any used car
  • Cars are inspected before purchase
  • No processing fees (save $500)
  • No documentary fees (save $200)
  • No Hassles, no pressure!!
  • Over 50 Years Experience
  • I can SAVE you money!!!!
  • Auto Broker Offers Low Prices
  • If you want a brand new car, let me negotiate for you

Mark, Devon(wife) and
Sydney (granddaughter)

Free Appraisals

As a thank you to the many customers and friends, I would like give back to the wonderful people that have trusted and supported me as an auto broker. I am offering you a free automobile appraisal. Simply call me at 706-527-5331.

There is risk in buying a used car but if you allow me, as your auto broker, to buy your next pre-owned car the risk factor is no longer yours

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you know how to check a car?
  • Do you know what your car is really worth?
  • Do you enjoy shopping for a car?
  • Some cars do not make good used cars. Do you know which ones they are?
  • Have you ever had a bad experience buying a car?
  • Do you have the time to find a car of your choice?
  • Do you know what would be a fair price to pay?
  • Can you tell if a car has ever been in a flood?
  • Can you tell if a car has been involved in a bad wreck?

I have the answers for the questions above. During my 50 years experience I have seen all the tricks of the trade. I have learned to be very careful and take the time as a buyer of automobiles and Auto Broker. It is not easy for the average person to make the correct choice when buying a car. This is my profession and, as your auto broker,  I will work hard to please you.

Mark Levy, Auto Broker can help you get the car of your choice at the price you want to pay. Mark Levy is a family man from Columbus, Ga. He has helped thousands of people save money purchasing new or used vehicles. His overhead is low and he passes the savings on to his clients. Mark does not have processing fees or documentary fees. Avoid the pitfalls of purchasing a vehicle and let Mark find you the car you want. He will take the risk out of the purchase. He has the experience and he can save you thousands on your next purchases. Let him use his experience and expertise as an auto broker to help you with your next deal.

Appointments to be made by phone (706-527-5331)
For all your Automotive needs, call and speak with Mark at Mark Levy Auto Center and Auto Broker today

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